Design & Manufacturing Services


- Axial taping, Radial taping and SMD-taping
- Preparing components for SMD-, Radial- and Axial parts
- Bake and Dry - Dry packing of components 
- Fixing of pick and place pads, spacer, capton pads
- Manufacturing and tape & reel of bondpads
- Retaping of SMD and radial components in case of tape damage
- Repacking of components from reel into tube or waffle tray
- Packing of bulk components into standardized packaging units
- Dimensional conformance inspection / measuring microscope
- Selection of components according to special test instruction
- Separating of PCB panels or other components
- Removing of socket, shrinking hose and yellow cable
- Fixing of temperature-resisting capton pads
- Adimpleating, packing and labeling of sample boxes
- Assembly service upon special demand / request

Quality & Lead time.

  •  Assembly service upon special demand / request
  • Quality:

    Through different procedures we guarantee the quality of all products (90 days warrenty and after sale Manufacturer).
  • Prices:

    For the same parts, prices are worldwide never the same. Additional we have the relation of currencies. Through international price comparisons it is possible, to obtain saving benefits.
  • Leadtimes:

    Our worldwide connections enable us, to find products from stock or with short leadtime, also for obsolete and hard-to-find parts.